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In the session, our focus is on developing positive communication skills and awarenesses, enabling you to respond to each other’s needs, and safely resolve your issues together. Without the blame.

You will leave the first session feeling something has shifted that was important, and necessary, as you open up, and move forward on track together.

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Recent Local Internet Reviews

"My Husband and I began counseling with Mr. Chris Wright on the verge of separation... he does not waste time, and his principles and counseling techniques are extremely effective. Chris Wright saved our marriage. He gave us the tools to have a loving, joyful and lasting marriage. In just six sessions, we are now invested in nurturing each other and truly respect each other for who we are. I strongly recommend Chris Wright to any couples seeking help. His principles are life changing and will help restore your marriage."
"This is one of those instances where I got much more than I expected. 30 minutes into our first session with Chris, he had, with amazing accuracy, identified our individual and couple personality types. He had my husband and me feeling comfortable enough to speak honestly and openly... Our first two sessions were so helpful that I told all of my friends what I had learned about myself and recommended they see Chris too. 
I highly recommend Chris Wright as a Couples Counselor. I don't believe you find a better one!” 
"Our marriage was deeply troubled.  It was amazing how he made us feel welcome from the first moment, and how he helped us both to open up and begin to work together as a team... he always made us feel wonderfully supported and appreciated.  In a few months, we managed to scale heights that would have seemed impossible just a short while before. Chris is a true master in his field. His humor is infectious, and he is a lot of fun to work with."

Articles & Books

Conscious Couples Relationships
Introducing A New Orientation in Intimacy & Harmony



A New Orientation of Self- Awareness, Skills & Tools for Sustaining Love & Harmony

Understanding each other's world

Being responsive to each other's core needs
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The latest edition of The latest edition of 
The Conscious Couples Relationship

 (e-book) Instant Download -- $12.50
Why Couples Don’t Have Sex More Often
Transforming physical sex into emotional intimacy




How to transform "sex" into
pure, innocent, natural LoveMaking together


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What Would Make Your Marriage
 Or Relationship More Fulfilling?

Remember when you first met  -- how open your hearts were together, and how connected you felt? Remember the fun, the free flow of appreciation, affection, good will, and love you shared naturally together? What has happened to your relationship? Or could happen?

Whatever it is, couples like you can learn to be able to open up your hearts again (or learn how to keep them open). However, it will take gaining awarenesses, and learning skills and tools that make the process emotionally safe in your day-to-day lives together. So you can share your needs in ways that are heartfelt, without blame or making others’ wrong. So both partners feel heard, understood, and responded to -- without having to nag, complain, argue, or fight for your needs.

Couples can also learn to make the relationship more fulfilling, and fun -- even more than before. As your communication skills for resolving issues are developed, trust and good will emerge again. Or deepen. Now you can focus on expanding your intimacy skills and caring behaviors together. You each open up and learn to express appreciation easily together -- support, quality time, affection, surprises, romance, and share more meaningful and enjoyable activities together.

And, finally, couples can learn to make love together. In a natural, more innocent way that is more fulfilling for both of you. And not just have “sex.”

Fortunately, in this new orientation to couples therapy and marriage counseling, it does not take long to develop these new awarenesses, communication skills, conflict resolution tools, and intimacy skills. Nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg.
Who is Chris Wright, M.A., LMFT
& What Can He Do?

Chris Wright, M.A., LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He offers marriage counseling, couples counseling, sex therapy, premarital counseling, and anger management counseling for those in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.



As a marital therapist, couples counselor, pre marriage counselor, and sex therapist, Chris Wright specializes in helping couples and individuals develop more conscious loving relationships, marriages, and families. He has over 20 years experience in directing programs on couples issues.

Resolving these Issues: Chris Wright’s expertise includes anger management issues, blaming,

criticizing, and arguing in relationships. And issues dealing with accountability, expectations, and responsiveness in the day-to-day responsibilities in the relationship. Money and financial issues, parenting and child rearing issues, difficult stepchildren, his or her parents, or his or her friends. Decision making in the relationship, control issues, where partners feel a need to be listened to, and honored. Also, how well you each manage stress, insecurities, anxiety, emotions, alcohol or substance abuse in the relationship. All are important to know how to manage and resolve safely together.

More Communication: Many couples experience issues around the need for more communication, and opening up more together. It is important for couples to learn how to communicate effectively with their partner. And connect in a heartfelt way more fully with each other.

"I highly recommend Chris Wright to help couples learn what they are misunderstanding and over reacting to in their mates' communications. His approach is immediately effective and amazingly helpful. At same time, he is open, caring and supportive as we work through some very hard challenges trying to sort out our own issues from those we have as a couple." Lynn S.

Sexual Infidelity: Chris Wright also has expertise in issues with sexual infidelity, with wives or husbands cheating, or caught cheating, in an extramarital affair, an emotional affair, or love affair. These issues need to be fully resolved together. Also, trust issues around telling the truth, withholding, or secrets. Surrendering your heart requires a foundation of trust together. That trust develops when you are able to safely resolve your issues together and respond to each other’s core needs.

Self Awareness: To do so, however, requires each partner gaining more self-awareness of their own inner world of core needs, sensitivities, and imbalances together!  In this process of couples counseling, we use the clinical tool the Enneagram Personality System, which identifies each other's natural gifts as well as your challenges and blinders. This enables each of you to readily recognize and own, the pressures in your personality instead of acting them out unconsciously in your life or onto others. You will also gain more understanding and sensitivity for your partner’s world and core emotional needs. You become more responsive and honoring of what really matters to each other in this relationship. This enables the relationship to flourish.

"My wife and I have seen our fair share of counselors, but after our first session with Chris, it was our first time leaving a session feeling like we just had our first date. Chris' strategies provided us with the insight to begin to understand each other, as well as ourselves. Chris provides us with the tools to diffuse situations allowing us to work together as opposed to working against one another. Chris is our marriage coach/trainer/doctor that we plan to continue to see to assist us along our way. We believe in Chris so much that we gift his services to several of our married friends." Dr. Mike Davis, DPT

Relationship Advice and Support: With so many years of experience working with couples, Chris Wright also provides useful relationship advice and support. This enables both of you to see more options, and establish the most effective solutions. You will see how you can better align with and support each other’s needs. So you grow closer together emotionally, and spiritually.

Sex Therapist: In addition, as a sex therapist, Chris Wright works with sex problems in the relationship, as well as sexual healing from sexual trauma from the past. He deals with issues such as dissatisfying sex, or not enough sex, or no sex in a marriage; sexual addiction, pornography, and overwhelming sexual desires and needs; frigidity, lack of lubrication; sexual abuse and trauma resolution; sexual insecurities and fears, lack of desire, turn offs, unresponsiveness, and inhibitions.

Also, the frameworks Chris Wright teaches provide the safety to enable men who face impotency or premature ejaculation to relax and feel in command.  Both of these issues tend can be tied to inner emotional pressures that take over and overshadow the man, where he loses his potency, or his sense of control.  This can make an incredible difference for the man (and the woman!).

Chris Wright teaches The LoveMaking Process -- enabling couples to experience more intimate and fulfilling, natural, innocent LoveMaking together.

Learn more about Chris Wright, M.A., LMFT
and his background by clicking HERE.  


Learning These New Skills
Can Make All the Difference

Couples Benefit from these new awarenesses, skills, and tools offered in this orientation to couples counseling and premarriage counseling whether they are happy and hopeful or emotionally distant, or severely distressed.


Couples who are starting to feel frustrated, a little distant, or unhappy -- they will want to catch this early, and turn it around. Most, however, are hoping that it will somehow get better with time. It doesn’t. Instead, it tends to wear you down as the months and years go by.



Couples who feel like they are on their last legs -- who have been together for a while and it has been difficult. They’re wondering if they should throw in the towel. Is it too late to turn it around?


In relationships where there is not enough positive communication skills, or the ability to resolve differences, tensions, and issues together safely -- then, of course, there is blaming and criticizing that develop into arguments and fights together. And, of course, it results in walls and emotional distance. Where, now, nobody’s needs are fully being met.

"When my husband and I started seeing Chris, we had reached an all time low in our marriage and the only thing we knew with any certainty is that we loved each other and wanted to salvage what was left of our relationship. Almost immediately after we started weekly sessions with him we began to have a better understanding of one another's needs and how to communicate more effectively. Our relationship is better than it has ever been and we have Chris to thank for that. He's very intuitive and makes you feel so at ease that you can tell him anything." Atena M.

If you don’t develop these skills, why would it be any different going forward? What do you expect? This is a slippery slope that leads you down a path of alienation, loneliness, separation, and divorce. A process that affects not only you, but also your children’s lives and your families.

Your experience right from the first session in this couples therapy and marital therapy is positive and affirming together. Even if you’re distressed, unhappy, frustrated, resentful, distrusting, or maybe even not talking to each other. You will experience that you can develop sensitive and honoring communication skills. And you can learn new, powerful conflict resolution tools that can make a difference. These new tools are powerful enough to provide the emotional healing necessary for each of you to resolve the most painful and difficult issues -- in your relationship, and from your past.


For couples at the end of their rope, certainly this process for resolving your issues together is inexpensive and less arduous compared to going through a painful or difficult divorce. Or going on living together unfulfilled!

Happily married couples also value this process of couples counseling and marriage therapy. It is important to them to continue to grow together. With these new conscious relationship tools, the relationship now becomes a vehicle for their personal and spiritual growth. With these natural frameworks, they discover that they feel safer opening up together. They find themselves learning, growing, healing, and deepening together. In so doing, they find more peace inside. And feel even more compelled by their love for each other.

Couples planning to get married come for premarital or pre marriage counseling because they want to be sure that their love lasts, and they grow together and not apart (as half of all marriages eventually do). These relationship skills are so important to develop just starting out. Having this skill set assures that you preserve the richness of your intimacy together. Through thick and thin.


Crisis Can Be an Invaluable
Opportunity for You to Grow

(if You Get the Support & Wisdom You Need)


And For Your Relationship to Evolve to a
New Level - Deeper than Ever Before


With these new awarenesses and positive communication and conflict resolution tools, you can use the current, divisive issues you are facing as


 a catalyst to move your relationship to a new level of closeness and trust. So this juncture in your relationship right now can either lead to an eventual crisis or it can be an important opportunity to take the relationship to the next level!  Where you learn how to open up more vulnerably together, and connect more deeply, than ever before.


Remember how great it was when you first met?

It can be that way again!


But it is going to take developing these new skills together in your lives.  So you provide the safety and deeper emotional and healing connection necessary to sustain the intimacy and harmony this time!  And save the marriage or relationship.


What Are the Details to Get Started?

Programs: These innovative relationship skills and intimacy tools are offered in programs, including individual therapy (Yes, you can come learn them by yourself), couples therapy, telephone counseling, workshops, lectures, training classes, and seminars.

Chris Wright’s Office
is conveniently located in McLean Virginia.

McLean Office is just off the George Washington Parkway along the Potomac River at the Chain Bridge Road exit. It is on Chain Bridge Road, just 0.3 miles from the Chain Bridge that goes into Washington, D.C. It is just 10 minutes from Tyson's Corner and just 15 minutes up the GW Parkway from Reagan National Airport and downtown D.C.

Clients come from Falls Church, Annandale, Fairfax, Vienna, McLean, Arlington, Alexandria, Burke, Springfield, Woodbridge, Centreville, Chantilly, Reston, Herndon, as well as Washington, D.C., Montgomery County and Prince Georges County in Maryland -- including Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac, Kensington, Wheaton, Silver Spring, Greenbelt, and Capitol Heights.

The Hours: Weekdays, evenings, and Saturday.  For marriage counseling, couples therapy sessions, individual sessions, and for telephone counseling.

Medical Insurance can apply. And a sliding fee scale is available.


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Chris Wright, M.A., LMFT is a Specialist in:
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  • Sex Addiction, Pornography, Oversexed
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • Transgender & Sexual Identity
  • Tantra
  • Enneagram
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Organizational Development


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